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It's Not About You / over borders #2


It's Not About You (2021) is a walking score Isobel contributed to the 2nd addition of over borders, an online publication curated by Jez riley French and Pheobe riley Law.

over borders #2 explores the act of walking as a way to question the objectification of environments and the role of 'stepping back' from a human centric view of place.

Other contributors include Pheobe riley Law, Jez riley French, Nathalie Brum, Catherine Clover, Vivienne Corringham, Francesca Simmons, Veronica Daniela Cerrotta, Eliza Lauren, Geraldine Vanspauwen, Tuomas Ollikainen, Vivian Wang, Cheryl Leonard, Felicity Mangan, Sharon Phelan and Eliza Bożek / moltamole.

over borders #2 is available as a free PDF here.


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