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"evocative, ambitious captivating"


"Expertly crafted and wonderful"


Bold, white cliffs adorn the coastline of South East England, its encompassing winds and ambient calm permeate Isobel Anderson’s new offering, CHALK / FLINT. Finding herself physically unable to make music with her hands due to debilitating chronic pain, Isobel was forced to store her musical vision for the record entirely in her mind.

CHALK / FLINT is evidence of Anderson’s songwriting prowess. Forced to change up her methods, Isobel stepped away from her much-loved guitar, and began experimenting with new ways of making music. Isobel explains:

“I couldn’t use my guitar or a computer for a while. I had to write all the songs in my head, and I’d hold them there for weeks. During periods when the pain was better, I would write on the computer and give the songs their flesh.”

The hauntingly ambient single Flint Shingle is characterised by the Sussex landscape, as Isobel explains:

“It’s a love song with a nostalgic, almost regretful, sentiment”.

Feed Me in comparison is dark yet playful and largely inspired by Glasgow artist Rachel McClean's experimental video piece of the same title. _4284_ tackles issues of body autonomy and abortion rights in Northern Ireland and the Republic, alongside the more ethereal and electronic tracks Effortless Pain Relief and Chalky White.

Isobel has amassed over 25 million Spotify streams, as well as consistent radio play across the BBC network and The Guardian’s Music Podcast. Highly regarded for her mesmerising live shows, Isobel has put on thrilling performances at festivals up and down the country, including Glastonbury (Acoustic Stage) and The Secret Garden Party.

Isobel Anderson has created a symphony by the sea in CHALK / FLINT, a true sonic triumph.

Released June, 2017. Voice, acoustic and electric guitar, field recordings, synthesised sounds, xylophone, clarinet: Isobel Anderson Violin: Ruby Colley

Drums, bass: Michael Mormecha

Electronic drums: Isobel Anderson & Michael Mormecha Recorded, produced and mixed: Isobel Anderson & Michael Mormecha

Matered: Paul Pascoe

Recorded in Lisburn, Northern Ireland, 2016-17.

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