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Images: Miguel Martin

BOTCHED is a live performance composed for live electronics, samples and improvised sound and performed through Isobel's alter-ego SALLY and was presented as part of Tullis Rennie's Fixed Freedoms album launch at Unit 4 Gallery in St Leonards on Sea on June 4th, 2022.

SALLY is a keen admirer of Dr Nassif and Dr Dubrow, the two LA plastic surgeons whom the reality TV show, Botched, is centred around. During this 30 min performance, SALLY not only weaves samples of their inspirational quotes from the show around wobbling synth sounds and pulsating spaced-out beats, but also her own plastic surgery ambitions with the help of an AI generated narrator.

BOTCHED explores the attraction of augmenting our bodies in the hope to augment our self-worth, social status and self-expression. Just one more surgery and then SALLY promises she's done.


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