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🌿👾 Jack Did A Naughty 👾🌿


Medium: Live and pre-recorded sound, physical performance, audience interaction, smoke machines and disco lights.


Good people of Hastings! You are hereby invited to a very important town meeting.

As you well know, every year on May the 1st, Jack in the Green bursts into the town and leads a procession to the top of the West Hill, where he is stripped of his leaves so that summer may officially be 'released'.

Jack represents life coming into being in multiple ways to different pockets of the community, and this is to be celebrated. But after the cider has been drunk and the leaves swept away, have you ever stopped to wonder what Jack gets up to the other 364 days of the year? 

The most normal girl you ever did meet, SALLY, has it on good authority that Jack has been getting up to some terrible mischief in the most insidious, C.21st ways, and that your data might be at risk.

She will share the evidence she has collected through a compelling presentation of sound, music, movement and visuals. Together - we the good people of Hastings - need to put a stop to Jack's nonsense, before it's too late. 


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