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An artistic representation of Sailortown's oral history



In 2012, the Metropolitan Arts Centre in Belfast commissioned the authors to work with the Sailortown Regeneration Group (SRG), a small community from Belfast's dockside area Sailortown, demolished when the M2 motorway was built in the 1960s. The oral history interviews became the content of songs, installation and performance, the first such project to preserve their memories.

This article discusses using music, sound, objects and images to narrate oral history interviews and reflects on the outcomes of a creative process that uncovered disappeared people, buildings and streets. The authors consider their role as artists and their relationship with the group; examine the project's successes and failures; and discuss how the songwriting process affected the SRG's relationship with their own stories and its meaning for them as individuals.

Authors: Fionnuala Fagan and Isobel Anderson

Access to the full article can be found here >>


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