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Let's Do An Art


Let’s Do An Art is an online art education project and the brain child of artists Miguel Martin and Isobel Anderson. The project developed during lockdown when they were both stuck at home and was later commissioned by The MAC as a four part series.

Every aspect of the work has been made in their home, with each episode introducing children to the fun, playful and bizarre world of Miguel and his sidekick Teddy Bear Friend. Expect to find art activities, songs and a selection of children’s artwork shown in the Fridge Gallery in each instalment.

Let’s Do An Art host and Belfast born visual artist, Miguel, says, “When I was a kid, I loved watching Art Attack but this is the art show I wish I’d had growing up. It’s the most ‘me’ I’ve ever been!” Musician and co-creator, Isobel, adds, “The ethos of the show is to encourage children to find creativity all around them, in the everyday. That’s a life skill that will always keep you sane.”

Both artists have drawn from influences as diverse as Art Attack, Tim & Eric, Rachael McClean and Telly Tubbies to create a totally unique campy, cult, kids classic. At times weird, sometimes ridiculous, always a delight, Let’s Do An Art is an art show like you’ve never seen before.


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