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Girls Twiddling Knobs


Girls Twiddling Knobs hit the podcast world in November 2020 and has ever since brought a radically different, feminist perspective to all things music tech with weekly episodes and interviews.

Listed as one of MusicTech's 12 best podcasts for music producers in 2021, each instalment brings in-depth discussion and practical insights into everything from analogue studios to sample packs, internal self-doubt to bossing it with turntable improvisation.

Hosted and produced by Isobel Anderson, Girls Twiddling Knobs is a reaction to the traditional white male experience of recording and production. Instead, the podcast seeks to have authentic and vulnerable conversations that leave behind macho posturing, competitive attitudes and a preference for technical knowledge over creative self-expression and intuitive approaches.

This fresh perspective has filled a void for not just female identifying musicians with a number of non-female allies regularly tuning in, proving that women truly bring a vital contribution to music technology (OK, we knew that already, but #justsaying).

To find out more about the podcast and listen to past episodes, head to the webpage here >>


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