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Sailortown: Stories of the City


Sailortown: Stories Of The City was a 2012 collaboration between Isobel and artist Fionnuala Fagan, and was commissioned by The MAC (Metropolitan Arts Centre), Belfast. The project documents the stories of members of the Sailortown Regeneration Project who lived and worked in Sailortown, the dockside area of Belfast, before it underwent significant change with the building of the M2 motorway in the 1960s. The artists used verbatim words from these interviews to write a collection of seven songs, which were also turned into a live performance and installation at The MAC in May 2012.

You can listen to an interview with Fionnuala and Isobel about the Sailortown project for BBC Arts Extra here >>

Both Fionnuala and Isobel published a paper on the project and subsequent creative output in The Oral History Society Journal, which can be accessed here >>


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