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These Places Should Only Ever Be Imagined


"This is an account of a week spent on the Isle of Harris. These are my memories and my thoughts and the sounds that I collected as I walked across the Island."

These Places Should Only Ever Be Imagined (2015) is the document of a week spent walking on the Isle of Harris, one of Scotland's Outer Hebrides islands. Through field recordings, an oral walking journal, photographs and objects, the piece interrogates realities of remote locations amid their idealised associations of nature and wilderness. This work examines relationships of ruin and survival, the remote and the fetishised, body and decay, an has existed as a fixed audio piece, an installation and a live performance. These Places... asks if solely imagining places of wilderness is preferential to inserting our human presence. Places of the remote and wild live and breathe just as our bodies do, but perhaps some places are better left to the mind?

These Places Should Only Ever Be Imagined was performed at Sound Thought Festival in CCA Glasgow in 2016.


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